Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tiling progress day 4

We went for our usual Saturday family look and the tiler was still there so we got to go in and have a look. I think he was still tiling around the bath frame, then he has the grouting to go for all 4 areas and he said it would be finished today, he must be having another long day at it because he works by himself.   I didn't have a total breakdown about the tiles but am a little unsure of the skirting tile being different from the floor tile (we have the floor and skirting the same in this house) but then again they are 2 different sized tiles so it would of looked weird that way too.  The top of the white tiles are grey so I'm not sure what happens there it looks crap but and a big but, I have to remind myself it's not finished ha ha and shouldn't panic..... YET!!!!!!!  He said it will look very different once the grout is done so we will be going back to have a look ASAP. 

Ensuite - where the mirrors go

Ensuite shower


They also finished the fit off.  The skirting boards are on, the architraves around the windows and my pantry doors, one word "beautiful"

The big handles still need to be put on

Some useless git ran into the wall near the fridge and then around the corner near the linen cupboard, have no idea what with but they sure took a chunk out. 

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