Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our first tree

Today we planted our first tree on our block, Its a Cherry Tree from my mums house.  She lives in the country (3 hrs away) and she is moving closer to my sister and I, while I was visiting this weekend I dug it up and as soon as I got home we took it to the block to replant it.  We cheated and pulled out a sapling gum tree and used that hole, just added some horse manure.  We have 3 rows of saplings on one side of the block that the developers planted but I will be pulling out 2 rows, about 20 plants.  I hate to do it but once they get bigger there will just be too many. 

Anyway here a couple of pics to mark the occasion:

Now I have an excuse to visit every 2nd day to water it :)

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