Monday, 26 August 2013

Txt Message

Today I received a txt message 

How exciting but I really need a date now, we need to give 3 weeks notice on this house, book in the tiler and carpet layers.  I'm going to call our trusty SS tomorrow and beg for a date ha ha..

Yesterday we met a concreter on site at, wait for it, 7.30AM!!!!!!!!  Sunday morning 7.30am!!!!!!!  Luckily it was a beautiful morning, not cold and it was so peaceful in Bingara we can't wait to wake up there.  Anyway I'm off in dream land ha ha, we decided on a huge driveway going across the double garage and workshop plus extending out another 3 metres up the side of the house and then another pad at the back of the workshop, it works out at 123sqm!!!!!!! Wow that's a lot of concrete.  The 3 x 6m at the side is for my camper trailer, my pride and joy, it lives in the garage now but I wanted the option of putting it outside if needed and also putting up a carport over it later on..  We found out why the concreter wanted to meet so early, he was going for a ride on his Harley ha ha pity he didn't ride it to our house....

I accepted the quote on a removalist Mt Annan Furniture Removals it seem to be a reasonable amount and a very nice helpful man who is local.  He gave us our online quote within a couple of days, he turned up when he said he would and the sent through the quote that night, I can't complain about the service.  

Hopefully I have more news tomorrow 

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