Thursday, 12 September 2013


We had PCI today it went very well.  We were there for 2 hours, we finally got to meet our SS in person, nice guy and very helpful and patient.  

There isn't too much to do and certainly nothing major, a bit of painting touch ups, 2 striker plates to be replaced the painters take them off to paint and mustn't of put them back on, a few scratches on the Essastone but apparently it can be polished out. 

I'm so excited now and really nervous at the same time, I asked my husband this morning will I go back to normal once we move and he answered I certainly hope so although I forget what normal is now he he!!!!!  

I didn't take any pictures if you can believe that, by the time we did the inside and outside I was all dizzy from looking up.  Our house is beautiful, we are extremely happy with MJH they have down an outstanding job as well as their customer service, I couldn't recommend them highly enough.  

Now we wait for the bank to do their inspection and pay the final $$$$ and the house is all ours.  Then the real fun begins...................





& furnitures shopping of course 

Fun fun fun........

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