Thursday, 8 November 2012

Starting from the beginning again!!!

We got our Consolidated Tender back and were very happy as there was a few thousand $$$ taken off for the site costs,but when we worked out how they were digging out our block we weren't very happy with it. We held off signing our Tender and went looking at other blocks and there was a nice big (huge) 1/2 acre corner block that was flat, that wouldn't need retaining walls anywhere!!! We spoke to the developer and MJH and everyone agreed we could do a swap, so that's what we did. We started the whole process again with MJH Oran Park(he is the best). We went back to the original floor plan of the Monaco 1 and have added a double garage up the back of the land as we have 2 driveways, this will be a "Workshop" for my husband. It will go straight to CT and we can have our colours appointment at the end of this month as previously booked so we should stay on track time wise.... We are extremely excited now, we will be able to have chickens and the developer said we can even have 1 goat, I don't think that will happen.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bricks Arrrggghhhh

We have been to pick our bricks and didn't really like the range from Austral except for an upgrade Gertrudis Brown. We went and looked at PGH Bricks and really liked a few of them, although they are all upgrades as well. I haven't got a picture of the Gertrudis Brown but that's what we are going with after getting a price from McDonald Jones for the upgrade its not too expensive.
Belgenny Brown
Blue Steel Flash
Gledswood Blend
Mowbray Blue