Wednesday, 28 August 2013

House cleaned, I could just move in now

Today the house was cleaned.  All the plastic was peeled off the windows, doors and kitchen.  I would of liked doing that it would be like opening up my new present.  

My kitchen

The splashback changes colour in every pic!!!!

Back door look so good clean

Main bathroom + giant mirror 

Front door, I love how you can see outside and it lets light in the hallway, otherwise it would be quite dark.

Today I met the carpet man to do the final measure up, another thing off the list!!

I met another concreter for a quote and he was really thorough and he is Maltese like my husband, he should have the quote in a couple of days. He also said he would do a little excavating no charge so we will see how much $$$$$ it will be!!!

I also contacted our neighbours regarding the fences, which was a little daunting but they were very friendly so that was a relief, I can't wait to meet them. The fencing guy will do the quote tomorrow.

We are still trying to work out which solar people to go with, this is one thing we are having trouble with.

Oh and our sewerage isn't connected by the developers so our sink and toilet in the ensuite is full

So I will be contacting them tomorrow so they fix it soon, MJH can build a house in 4 months but the developer haven't connect1 pipe!!!!



  1. How exciting, I am so happy for you. I drove past my land tonight and still nothing has happened. I'm dying slowly waiting for something to happen. We are nearly 10 days into our 20 days... got to be the longest four weeks of my life. Your house looks amazing. I can't wait until I am your stage. It has been great following your build.

  2. The house looks beautiful Bec :)

  3. Your house looks amazing! I love your kitchen, the colours you have picked work so well together. Congrats