Friday, 23 August 2013

We are so close......

Handover is looking like 13th September..  We weren't given a definite date yet but apparently the plan is finishing touches next week including fly screens to be installed, then the head supervisor does his inspection then they do the cleaning in and out and removal of the fence and loo.  I think we do PCI and a week later we get the keys!!!!!!  We won't move in for another week as we want to get the tiles and carpet done first.  We need to give 3 weeks notice to move out of here so I hope it all lines up and I don't stuff it up :)

Today the splashback was installed and we had to look thru the media room windows because for the first time we were completely locked out, arrhhhhhh, finally all the doors and windows were locked and we couldn't sneak in ha ha.  I'm not saying anything about the splashback yet until I see it properly.......

The removalist came through to finalise his quote this afternoon he said it would take about 3 hrs to pack the truck!!! I never imagined that, we have always done it ourselves (last time 14 yrs ago) but not this time I don't care how much it costs :). 

The tiler is going tomorrow to give us a quote, he said about $35sqm + glue, sounds ok but not really sure what the going rate is.

We are meeting a concreter on Sunday morning at 8.30am!!!!!  Yes 8.30AM,!!!!!  OMG.  They did a driveway down the street and it looks really good so we are hoping his quote will be reasonable.

I paid our deposit for the blinds today so they will start making them, it will be a 4 week delivery on the blinds and 6 weeks on the shutters.

The carpet measure up is booked for next Thursday, so that should be it for now, I think that's enough for this week anyway.  I'm so shocked with the progress over the last couple of weeks our new SS is the best!!!! We haven't even met him in person yet but the way he's going we don't need to.  So guess what we are doing this weekend PACKING!!!!!!!! Yayyyyy finally 😀

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