Thursday, 22 August 2013

Steaming ahead!!!!

Today we had all the handles, shower screens, mirrors (except the main bathroom) and the air conditioning finished. I'm so excited but the panic is setting in........  

These handles look great on the Lin1 Doors (powder room)

Pantry with the big handles

Air conditioning return - excitement hey!!!!

Shower screen in main - they look good but they have the big magnet down the door so they make a bang when they close. I hate doors like this and I specifically asked that question at colours and was told no they aren't like that :(. I will be removing the magnet or doing something to stop the noise..


Air conditioning 

Anyway, I met the Blinds Man from TLC Blinds at the house this afternoon to do the final measure and quote, he was wonderful, we did a walk thru and discussed what should go where and he gave his opinion which I really appreciated.

3 Stacker doors - 3 roller blinds each with translucent white
Media room - 2 shutter in black
Kids bedrooms, activity room and workshop (9 blinds)  - double roller blinds with dark grey sunscreen with white block out blind
Main bedroom - 3 double roller blinds grey sunscreen and white  block out and a white shutter for the fixed window 
Ensuite and main bathroom - translucent white blind
And 2 fly screen doors for the laundry and workshop doors 

We are very happy with the quote so that's another thing done off the list.  Next job is to find a tiler........

Tomorrow we get our date!!!!!!!!!


  1. They really are powering along now. Can I ask what colour stain is on the Lin1 doors? It doesn't look like their Caoba stain. It looks more chocolatey. I feel your excitement. Only 12 days to go for us.

  2. Hi Renai, Its Charwood Painters Mix. We are really happy with the dark stain. Excitement is the word, I hope ours is only 12 days away :)

  3. As in the MJH mix? If it is it looks a lot more chocolate than ours. We have the same on the front facade and it seems to have more red in it.