Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ahhhh the smell of paint - It's Day 77 and we have paint!!!!

The ceiling has a first coat and the way they were going I'd say the walls in the whole house would of had their first coat today.  There is a team of 3, 1 patching and sanding and 2 painting.  The first coat has been done with a roller which I wasn't expecting as a lot of people have put on the forum the first coat is sprayed on, I'm quite happy it's rolled on.  Looking good already.

The main hallway 

Kids lounge room
Kids lounge TV recess

Also the vanities have been put back after the tiling, I can't get over how big the one in the ensuite is, I think I will be using it for towels as well.


Powder room

Main bathroom

Hopefully the benchtops will be put on soon, that will be the last thing from colours we will be waiting to see come together, but I'm sure it will look good.  Oh except the splashback, we have been panicking about that this week, madly looking online to find the colour we chose but having no luck, it's half oilskin and the only picture I could find was this below.  I contacted our colours consultant and she said its browny with a hint of silver, so that should be our last surprise and I hope it's a good one!!!  

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