Monday, 30 September 2013

We finally moved!!!!

I'm way behind in my blog but this is the first time I have sat down for more than 5 minutes.  I will pick up from where I left off.

The tiling and carpet were finished last Tuesday and I'm really happy with the colour of the carpet, the installers were so quick they finished by 1pm.

Media room

Then it was moving day, DISASTER!!!!!

They removal truck turned up on time and out jumped a old bloke 85 yrs old in the shade and a younger guy.  They were nice enough but so rough.  Anyway off they started and we were going well for first 3 hrs and then another truck came and they were still loading the first one 5 hrs later.  My daughter and I utilised the time to clean the house.  They then started to load the smaller truck 6 hrs later so we kept cleaning, then finally both trucks left and it took them 1 and half hours to make it to our new house where my husband and son were waiting since 11am (it's a 20 min drive down the highway).  Once they got there they dumped and I mean dumped the stuff half inside and the rest in the backyard and not near the doors but up the back of the block. The little truck then had to return back for another load meanwhile we had finished cleaning and that took over an hour for him to find his way back because he had to pick up another bloke.  By that time I had lost it, my husband came back and helped them and I went to the new house.  By 7.30 they still hadn't returned back and it was because the newest guy hadn't eaten!!!!  By 830 they turned up and unloaded the truck into the garage and had the hide to ask for a cold beer, our bloody fridge was still in the back of the big truck!!! DISASTER OF A MOVE!!!!!

On a positive note the blinds were installed that day and they are beautiful, I love them.  

The next day my husband and son went to pick up the dining table and chairs, absolutely beautiful and huge!!

Late that afternoon we had the fridge, dishwasher and TV delivered

One happy hubby!!!!!  Gotta love LG!!!

Friday was a home day unpacking and the driveway got poured, I haven't taken a pic I will tomorrow and more excavating was done.

Saturday we went out to where else but Ikea!!!!!!  We had a ball. We ended up with 4 trolleys and 2 more trolleys from the pickup bay ha ha

Sunday the kids chilled out most of the day and then in the afternoon we started assembling the smaller things from Ikea.

And today we finished, all the lounges were put together and the house is 95% unpacked, just the kids stuff to go

Lounge in a box



So that's it, we are in and I walk around and can't believe it's our house.  Tomorrow will be an outside day and I'm looking forward to playing in the dirt ha ha.. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Patiently waiting to move

Our tiler has been working away everyday since handover and doing a wonderful job, the tiles are beautiful.  He told us this morning he will be finished late tomorrow and then he should start on the alfresco and porch. The carpet is booked for Tuesday so the flooring is going to plan.

But then there is the concreter debacle.............  Our concreter isn't a very good communicator, we used his excavator man who is an absolute gem and a local, well thru him we found out the formwork would be done on Friday and the pour done this coming Thursday, so that fitted in with our plans sort of as we are moving on Wednesday, it would make moving things into the garage difficult but we would manage.  When we got to the house on Friday night, in the dark, we had a good look at the formwork and were basically happy with the size and shape of the drive except where it goes past the corner of the house and up the side to a 3m wide slab for my camper trailer.  My husband gave him a call to tell him on Saturday that it was a bit too skinny and he said they were pouring on Wednesday!!!! Arrrhhhh no way that would be disastrous, having them pouring concrete us trying to move in and the blinds man installing the blinds!  That's another story I thought it would be great for the blinds to be installed on moving in day yayyyyy I'm so clever, not!!! because they won't start till 10am and the removal isn't should get to that house to unload at 12 noon....  Anyway I'm sure it will all work out, I'm past stressing now, once we got those keys I have felt so much better.....

Today we went on a little shopping trip to break up the cleaning and packing.  Off we went to Bing Lee  we have never shopped there before but they had our TV for a great price, we met the salesman who my hubby had been talking to during the week, we picked out the TV, LG smart 3D TV, next was the dishwasher LG and then we were on a roll and I said to have a quick look at the fridges ha ha, next thing we bought a ? Guess what?? LG fridge!!!!!! Yes we are a family of LG!!!!! Cause Life is Good!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had 2 sleep overs in the house over the weekend and I feel like Alice in Wonderland, it's so big and everything is so high, and I'm sooooo short.  We have just been living in the main bedroom, bed, TV, 2 camping chairs and our camping fridge, it's like glamping ha ha. 3 more sleeps!!!!!  

Thursday, 19 September 2013


We now come from Wollondilly Shire!!! 

The day finally arrived, we got our keys!!!!  The house is ours and now it's our home!! 

So much happened today, it was absolutely hectic but the best day!

Firstly we did our final inspection to check the things had been fixed from PCI, then we did paperwork, handed over the cheque, got the air conditioning working, priorities!  Oh and we got a gift

The water heater was being installed when we got there, but once they turned it on water was spurting from the solar panels on the roof as we have gas boosted hot water, so no hot water until tomorrow which is no big deal, that's why our supervisor hands over before a Friday so things can be fixed..  Next the electricians came and fitted the oven and range hood, ohhhh so nice.

Next the tiler was there waiting for handover to finish and then he was straight into it, he tiled all day and should finish the inside by Tuesday.

Our excavator man and his son came with his digger thingy and bobcat and off he went digging out the tree and replanting it, so quick and easy

Then they dug out the driveway and continued around the house levelling it all off, it looks brilliant and only one broken pipe ha ha!!!  They still need to come back and finish off the yard but I'm over the moon with what they have done today. 

 Next person to arrive was Telstra, don't faint everyone but they were only booked on Monday and we were able to get them today, yes miracles do happen, lucky as we are in a Telstra Smart Community and nothing and I mean nothing works without the hooking all the cables up hanging outside our house, including the TV.  

Finally the last person to arrive at 5pm was the delivery guy with the new spare room bed that my husband is now sleeping on till we all move in next week, he is being a bachelor for a week, he has a bed, a kettle and toaster and our camping fridge with the necessities (beer) he's in his element!!!! Oh and my TV.........

Once we set up the bed and mounted the TV to the wall it was time for our first dinner in our house.  Pizza and champagne standing around the kitchen bench, happy days!!!

What a huge day, we left my hubby there and we are back to the little house full of boxes and cleaning, arrrhhhh can't wait till its over.........

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

You guessed it - 1 more sleep

1 more sleep, not that I have been sleeping at all, I'm exhausted but I just can't stop thinking of what next!!!  

Tomorrow is all about enjoying the moment, getting our keys and realising its our house!

The tiler will be there and our excavator just rang to say a job has been cancelled and he will be there to dig out the driveway and it will be formed up on Friday, everything is going like clock work. 

So excited!!!!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

2 more sleeps!!!!

Today the bank did their inspection which was a huge relief, we put in our final payment last Thursday after PCI, I felt a huge flood of relief that everything was going to plan until 4pm I get a call from the bank to say our insurance paperwork had the wrong date on it!!!!!  Aarrrhhhh panic stations, so I called the insurance company who said they couldn't change it they would have to cancel the policy with a full refund (7-10 days mind you) and she couldn't do the new one over the phone because it would cost more so I have to go online and start from scratch!!  By this time I'm an absolute mess because now my husband has to drive to Gosford to pick up the cheque for final payment because the direct bank transfer can take up to 48hrs.  nothing can go wrong on handover day that would be the end of my nerves ha ha.  So it's all done, my husband redid the policy tonight he will send it tomorrow, go and pick up the cheque and we will be all relaxed for Thursday!!!!!!!

We had our floor tiles delivered this afternoon 3 pallets of tiles and glue, we were going to pick them up but so glad we didn't it would of been a disaster.  

Monday, 16 September 2013

Thursday, 12 September 2013


We had PCI today it went very well.  We were there for 2 hours, we finally got to meet our SS in person, nice guy and very helpful and patient.  

There isn't too much to do and certainly nothing major, a bit of painting touch ups, 2 striker plates to be replaced the painters take them off to paint and mustn't of put them back on, a few scratches on the Essastone but apparently it can be polished out. 

I'm so excited now and really nervous at the same time, I asked my husband this morning will I go back to normal once we move and he answered I certainly hope so although I forget what normal is now he he!!!!!  

I didn't take any pictures if you can believe that, by the time we did the inside and outside I was all dizzy from looking up.  Our house is beautiful, we are extremely happy with MJH they have down an outstanding job as well as their customer service, I couldn't recommend them highly enough.  

Now we wait for the bank to do their inspection and pay the final $$$$ and the house is all ours.  Then the real fun begins...................





& furnitures shopping of course 

Fun fun fun........

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Busy busy

Another busy day today, firstly we went to the house at  7.30 am to meet a friend he is going to give us a quote for the decking and he's roped my husband in to be his offsider (lackey) to cut costs ha ha.  My husband was determined to do the decking himself and I'm determined to pay someone, I'm winning so far!!!!!

After a little housework and breakfast we took off to Penrith Harvey Norman, it's not our local but service is really good from past experience to have another go at buying a TV and surround sound.  I happened to remember last time we went we dropped into Beacon so I dragged him back there and they printed off the quote we got months ago and the girl went and got the fan we wanted and put it in the counter, ha ha I said to my hubby guess we are buying it today!!!! Turned out good we needed a push we need to stop putting things off.  We ended up with a Fanaway Fan, a stainless steel fan for under the alfresco and 30 LEDdown-lights, that should start us off.  We looked at spotlights for the 2 back lights but the nice ones are for wall mounting and our lights are eave mounted, I wish I had picked up on that when we did our electrical appointment.  Back to the TV, we had a great salesman who was awesome and knew his stuff, he spent an hour with us and explained all our options and worked within our budget, so I'm pretty sure it's all sorted now.

We spent the arvo packing and sorting the spare room, tomorrow will be our wardrobe and the bottom kitchen cupboards then we should be 80% packed with only the necessities out. 

Our bunnies lost last night they didn't play well, there's always next week :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

14 Days to go

We are still on schedule 14 days to go............ I'm nearly jumping out of my skin in excitement.  

Today we met the excavator man at the house, it's the first time I've been since last Friday, can you believe it?  Longest I have been away since we brought the land :). So we had a chat about the town because he is a local and then our old SS stopped and had a chat too.  We managed to talk about what we were having done for the driveway and then I showed him around the block where the cut was done and he said "easy" we will just do this this and this, it will look great no worries!!!! Well that was it he got the job on the spot, I've been worried what we were going to do and now I don't have to.  He's going to remove all the saplings and the tree on the council strip.  It will be relocated which was a huge relief it's smack bang in the middle of our driveway and we were going on Saturday to dig a new hole and replant it, it would of taken us ages..  

Our screens were put on as well, they look nice except the huge ones on the front windows don't have clips in the middle so they will rattle in the wind, I will ask for them to be fitted a bit better I think.  The screen doors on the stackers are really nice, I was surprised how well made they are and they even have locks, I wasn't expecting that just a fly screen. Anyways I recommend getting them done through MJH saves a lot of trouble and the price was comparable with doing it private especially the stacker door ones. 

We got our quotes for the fencing back itemised for each neighbour so I have sent them off.  Our removalist needs to move us a day before we planned so i hope our tiler has finished by then.  I have booked in the blinds to be installed the day we move in at 10am, not sure if that was a smart idea or not! 

It will be another weekend of packing and we need to go and get our TV and surround sound, feels like we have been looking for ever for these and that's probably because we have. It's essential to get a new TV to watch our mighty rabbitohs play in the grand final....... Go the bunnies!!!!!!!