Saturday, 31 August 2013

Only 3 more weeks to wait

I got a call from our SS yesterday, 3 weeks till handover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He spent 3 1/2 hrs on Thursday marking up the house for touchups then his boss comes to do a inspection as well on Monday then they book in the plasterers and painter to come back. Only thing they still waiting for is the screens I think then the hot water and appliances go in later. We are really happy with this SS he is really on the ball.

Our fence came down as well and now you can really see how big the block is, love it!! 

Our house!!!

Look at the room on this side 11m from fence to house

Love our huge stacker doors 

We are still waiting on quotes from the concreter, fencer and a kitchen place for our built in desks and shelving. I hate waiting for quotes, if they take longer than a week they don't get the job I move on to someone else, patience isn't my strongest point ha ha. 

So with us not moving for a few more weeks gives the blinds company enough time to make our blinds and they should be installed right on handover. We will try to have the tiles delivered on handover day too so the tiler can start the next day, hubby is moving in then too, I suppose I will have to send him down a bed and some food he he!!!!!

With all this excitement comes packing. OMG it just doesn't stop, who knew we had so much stuff..  Having the day off tomorrow because guess what?  It's Father's Day!  And my husband has only reminded me a million times today, so tomorrow is all about him (something unusual) :). Not!

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