Monday, 12 August 2013

Still painting

Late Saturday we went for a look "again" we just can't keep away. The internal garage door was open so lucky we did go, the plasterers had been back and fixed up where the SS had marked and trimmed down the gyprock in the workshop so hopefully the garage door gets put on this week.  The painters had done another coat on the ceiling.  We had a look around the back of the house and the alfresco, I look forward to the day we can just sit out there in the quiet and relax.  

We finally got to meet our neighbours, well not next door but across the road and down a block, we have spoken by email heaps of times but never met but finally we were visiting at the same time. I'm sure we will have a few laughs with them once we all move in, we are both Leo's so we will get along great ha ha!!!  It's nice to have met them before we move in.

As I said we just can't keep away so off we went again on Sunday afternoon, our daughter wanted to have a look this time. The painters were there on a Sunday, got to love their dedication!!! They were putting the final gloss coat on the internal doors and architraves and had done the first coat on the eaves we quickly showed our daughter the benchtop colour but didn't want to get in the way..  We actually walked around the outside of the house which we haven't done since they started inside and found a little surprise.......

There is a gap between the bricks and window frame at the front of the house and you can see MDJ blue frame and as much as I love the blue frame we had a total freak out.  My husband contacted the SS who assured us its a common thing and they will put a piece of angle there same colour as the windows, so that's a relief.  We find it funny we never saw it before, must of been looking through rosé tinted glasses :) 

I'm not sure what's booked for this week, I'm guessing another few days or so of painting, hopefully the garage door and maybe the electrical fit out, I guess I will just have to wait and see........

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