Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Formwork is finished off

My husband and I went out for breakfast this morning without the kiddies and decided to pop into see the block this morning and were surprised to see the foam pods and rio were installed and the Formwork was all finished. That could only mean that the slab is being poured in the next couple of days yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

On another note our portaloo was tipped on its side (behind the fence) and the neighbours signs for their blocks were smashed up and just about every tree in our street has been snapped in half. A couple of the neighbours came to tell us there were a bunch of kids running a muck at about 10pm. They had called security (Bingara has patrolled security) but obviously he was on the other side of the estate and it was just a bit of bad luck he didn't catch the little buggers :(

More pics below :-)

Front side of house with corner facade slab
Back of house from the construction fence

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Framework pics

I took the kids to have a look this afternoon as they hadn't been there this week. The framework is done they have put the sand down. The Rio has been delivered and I have no idea what happens next :). Nothing tomorrow as its Anzac Day and I'm not really expecting them to work on Friday. Anyway here are a couple more pics, I stood on the blue fencing things and put my phone over the fence to take the photos, I think my kids were hoping I would drop it just to give them a laugh (teenagers!)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Piers & Formwork

We had our piers dug today. We got a message to say our SS was sick in bed :( and the digger thingy for the piers had broken down :(. But we were reassured all would be well and it was :). We went to the block at 1pm to "measure" and we came under the allowance which is a huge relief as this was the last financial worry of the build, until we move in he he.

I have put some pics not sure how to put a description under them using blogger on an IPad but I will work it out soon enough.

They had started the form work but hadn't finished so I will take some more pics tomorrow and put them up.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Locked out already

The drainage pipes were put in on Friday and when we went back today all the fencing was put up, so we are locked out already....

Thursday, 18 April 2013

More pics

These pics are apparently better because they were taken on an android and mine were off a iPhone.......

Day 20/20 + Day 1 of the build

At last we have progress. Thanks MJH for making an anxious person a total fruit-loop and starting on day 20 of 20 ha ha!!!

Our site supervisor contacted us today to say the Cut and Fill would be today and it was !!!! As soon as we finished work today we all met at the block had a look and took a heap of pics, I don't think anything could of wiped the smile off my face. We had the perfect cut and fill with no left over soil at all, so there is no mound to get rid of later. Apparently tomorrow the draining is scheduled and next Tuesday the get ready for the piers, but today I'm just happy that's it finally started. Oh and we thought our block was really level but as you can see they dug a fair way in the back corner, our landscaping may change a bit now, but I'm definitely not having a retaining wall.

Here are some pics!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Still waiting :)

There was a little bit of progress last week in the fabulous "20 Day" Period. Last Tuesday the colour consultant called to check on a couple of things we had chosen at our colours appointment before the orders were put through. We asked for the towel rails in the bathrooms not to be installed as we are getting a heated towel rail in the ensuite and we still haven't decided what we are doing in the main bathroom. on our beautiful media room doors we had opted just to have the recessed handles but she said we could just leave it plain and put handles on later, so we opted for that.

2 days later our CLO called to send through a Variation as discussed with the colour consultant but it had they were changing the cooktop as the one we had chosen was discontinued (out of The Impressions Package) also they were moving the gas boosted solar panels to the other side of the house (where I'm pretty sure we asked them to put them but were told no) anyway no big issues really, we just have to look at it as progress and there is obviously a lot more behind the scenes than you imagine!

So now the countdown is on as we have only "3" days - Wednesday - and our 20 days are up!!!! We went to have a look at the block again and hopefully that will be last time I see it like that.

On another note "Retail Therapy" I seem to have a obsession with buying tea towels, they are packed away in different boxes and I'm pretty sure when we move I will end up with about 20-30 brand new tea towels ha ha. Oh yeh and they are in all sorts of colours because I just can't pick a accessory colour for the kitchen. The other obsession is glass jars for the pantry, I brought a heap of big ones from ikea and spice jars and now I have brought more off the Internet, Spotlight and House........ Oh we'll my pantry will look lovely :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lights, TV and Surround Sound

Another day out looking at things for the house.

First stop was Beacon Lighting! As soon as we walked in I saw some track lights which I really liked for the kids lounge room. I left my husband at the downlights for him to work out what we need and I went straight to the chandeliers and I found a beautiful crystal chandelier for our bedroom it only costs $1400 and weighs a tonne ha ha but I'm getting it..

I found a really great light called a Lab Pendant Light with a Karbon globe, they are so cool, we thought we might put them above the bench as a feature as they don't give off much light especially with the Karbon Globe.. We really liked the Fanaway Fans, they look like a big pendant light until you turn on the fan and clear blades come out, I want one in the media room. I'm a bit worried about that room with air flow with those skinny long windows so I think we should have a fan in there. The light from it should be enough because we always watch TV in the dark anyway.

Next stop Harvey Norman Electrical Section!!!! TV and Surround Sound. The sales guy was great and explained everything so we ended up picking a LG 3D Smart TV and a Yamaha Surround Sound System , although when he showed me the speakers for the back wall I had a moment and said no way were they going on the wall so he is swapping them for ceiling speakers, what a relief! So that's the Media Room sorted except for the built in shelving we need to organise.

That was it then we had to race home to watch Souths beat the Warriors!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Nothing yet, not even a portaloo!!!

Nothing has happened yet, no news from SS, our CLO said maybe we will hear next week. These 20 days are the longest days of my life!!! I went and brought some new towels and bowls today, retail therapy. I also brought material to cover my grandmothers chair for our bedroom, that should keep me occupied for the rest of the weekend.