Friday, 31 May 2013


After 4 days of staying away from the house which took a lot of will power we got the txt msg to say "The Brickwork on your new home has commenced" so off I went to have a look of course. 

I LOVE MY BRICKS!!!!!!  Even though there is only half a wall done. They really look good with the window colour. 

The roof was finished on Tuesday and the barriers have been taken down.  The whirlybird was working today. We got to have another sneak peak inside, I love the house.

Front bedrooms

Side roof + whirlybird

Inside looking up into roof

Monday, 27 May 2013

Roof started 😀

They started the roof today, looking good 👍

Back corner

Front of house

Looking from a street away

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The land of nothing!!!!

Nothing has been done!

The bricks are sitting there, the roofs sitting there, there are boxes of stuff siting in the garage, there's a huge pile of sand sitting there and that's all that's happened since a week ago Friday!  Let's hope they pull their finger out this week, we were told the outside will go up so quick you will see progress everyday it's only once lockup comes you won't notice the progress, mmmm well I hate to think what that's going to be like....... Yep I'm having a sook he he

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Site Inspection

This morning my husband and I went the block to have a look at the windows and we just happened to run into our SS ha ha, so I got to meet him and was introduced to our new SS who is taking over our build. We got to go and have a look, first time for me on the other side of the fence and I was so excited I was getting confused which room was which. It's sooooo big, the ceiling height is amazing (2700mm). One thing we discovered was the view out of the high window in the Master looks out over the hills, mind you I have to stand on my tippy toes to see out cause I'm short, so looks like I will have to get a stool or stand on the bed!! The stacker doors are huge and are so easy to open, they have been installed different to how we had them on the plans but now we are not sure whether to get them swapped or leave them, they have just mixed up 2 of the doors when they were installed.

Next to be done is the fascia and gutter. I think we picked Surfmist for the gutter and Woodland Grey for the gutters. They were delivered today but not sure when they will be put up, this is the scary bit I suppose hoping that all the colours look good together.

Roof - Woodland Grey
Gutters, Downpipes, Windows and Doors - Woodland Grey
Fascia - Surfmist
Bricks - Gertrudis Brown
Front Door - Stained

Pics of the windows and drop down ceiling in the kitchen;

The doors - the one on the right should slide the other way 

Front bedroom windows - they are so big

Frame of the drop down ceiling

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Roof frame is up!!!!!

It's up!!!! And it's enormous I love it!!!!

back corner - living room

back corner - alfresco

front corner bedrooms and side facade

Monday, 13 May 2013

Windows delivered but still no roof frame

We are really trying to have no expectations with the build but there is still no roof frame up, it's being sitting there for a week now. We are pretty certain they have been doing other things but I can't wait to see what the roof looks like and how high it will be, so really that's the only reason I'm whinging. The windows were there this afternoon and they are woodland grey, i really like the colour. There was quite a difference with the size of the bedroom sliding door and the stacker doors out the back, my husband wasn't sure if we did the right thing (and he meant me) when we choose to keep the bedroom stacker the normal size, I just wanted to keep our bedroom a bit more private, anyway what's done is done!

I'm hoping the roof frame will be up tomorrow, I might have to go for another drive, even though I said I wasn't going to do that and only go once a week, but I just want to see the roof haha!!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Our stacker doors - actually the frame

Look how big the Stacker Doors are going to be!!!!

And my dear husband decided to go and have a look this morning and just happened to stop and guess what, he knows the builder from Oz Tag, then he gets to meet our Supervisor and THEN he gets a walk thru of the site!!!!!! OMG when he rang me (when he was leaving) I was Green With Envy, I think I didn't even like him for a few minutes ha ha.. Apparently it feels huge when you walk through, not that I would know of course.

Pic of the frame for the stacker doors;

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's now "The House" not "The Block"

The frame was started yesterday, my daughter and I went to have a look today, I thought maybe they might of put the roof trusses up but they hadn't. But they did put in the electricity box and I'm sure they did things I have no idea about. I think they might do the roof trusses tomorrow as the windows are supposed to be installed on Friday.. Then the bricks are due to arrive next Wednesday!!!! Can't wait to see them.

Anyway more pics:

Front corner

2 front bedrooms and Entry

View from the block across the road

Electricity Box!!
Workshop + Garages