Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Time to organise for after handover

I'm having trouble functioning outside of this house, I'm constantly thinking of what do we need to do next......

#Carpet - ordered and deposit paid 

#86sqm Porcelain Tiles 600x600 - quote done and deposit to be paid on Thursday

#Dining table + 8 chairs - ordered and deposit paid

#Built-in cabinetry for media room, family room & desks - 1 quote but still need one more

#Removalist - 1 quote received still waiting to receive another

#Blinds - 2 quotes still need to book 1 in for a proper measure up, the other quote was ridiculous and didn't even take the time to itemise it 

#Driveway and path - to do and have given my husband this job, I think it's a mans thing ha ha. We like a persons driveway down our street so took a picture of the sign out the front smart advertising!!!! 

#Fencing - we have 110m of fencing and hopefully our lovely neighbours pay half!!!  That's on the to do list :) bit scary asking "oh Hi we are going to be neighbours can you pay for half the fence?" Awkward, that might end up being another mans job I think :)

#Decking - 50sqm arhhhhh and that's only half of what we want to do. We are doing it ourselves that's another arhhhhh ha ha, needs to be done before the first week in December for our daughters 18th, anyone out there that wants to help is most welcome :)  

#TV and Surround Sound - most important to get this right just need to get a good deal from somewhere and a salesman that doesn't tell you little lies. 

Then there is still 2 lounges to buy and I just can't find one I like the look of and is comfortable, a lot look great but are so uncomfortable or the seat part is so wide if you sit properly my feet don't reach the floor.  

Oh and don't forget turf and plants, my chook shed and vegie gardens, oh dear what have we done? 

AND most important is packing this house up after 14 years!!!!!!  I have already started the garage is full of boxes and now the dining room is half full of boxes, fun fun fun!!!!!

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