Thursday, 8 August 2013

Another SS, Stained Lin1 Doors & Benchtops

I got a call from our new SS today, that's the 3rd one we have had!!! He better be as good as our original one, the one that took over after the last one threw in the towel.   He told me so causally our benchtops were installed yesterday, he obviously doesn't realise how exciting that is, so I was straight down there from work to have a peak ha ha..

Main bathroom
The benchtops are covered :( we didn't choose black

Front door very nice - the glass still has the protective coating on it. 
Media room doors 

The painters are still there they have done another coat on the roof and there were heaps of pencil marks on the walls where our new SS has marked things to be fixed like paint drips and dents in the wall, he said the plasterers need to come back then the painters will finish, not sure when that's booked for.  He has ordered the shower screens and mirrors, they should be in the end of next week or so.  One thing we are still missing is the garage door, they need to remove some of the gyprock on the workshop side so the bracket can be put up for the door, I guess that will be done when they come to patch the walls.  Very happy with the progress :)

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