Thursday, 5 September 2013

14 Days to go

We are still on schedule 14 days to go............ I'm nearly jumping out of my skin in excitement.  

Today we met the excavator man at the house, it's the first time I've been since last Friday, can you believe it?  Longest I have been away since we brought the land :). So we had a chat about the town because he is a local and then our old SS stopped and had a chat too.  We managed to talk about what we were having done for the driveway and then I showed him around the block where the cut was done and he said "easy" we will just do this this and this, it will look great no worries!!!! Well that was it he got the job on the spot, I've been worried what we were going to do and now I don't have to.  He's going to remove all the saplings and the tree on the council strip.  It will be relocated which was a huge relief it's smack bang in the middle of our driveway and we were going on Saturday to dig a new hole and replant it, it would of taken us ages..  

Our screens were put on as well, they look nice except the huge ones on the front windows don't have clips in the middle so they will rattle in the wind, I will ask for them to be fitted a bit better I think.  The screen doors on the stackers are really nice, I was surprised how well made they are and they even have locks, I wasn't expecting that just a fly screen. Anyways I recommend getting them done through MJH saves a lot of trouble and the price was comparable with doing it private especially the stacker door ones. 

We got our quotes for the fencing back itemised for each neighbour so I have sent them off.  Our removalist needs to move us a day before we planned so i hope our tiler has finished by then.  I have booked in the blinds to be installed the day we move in at 10am, not sure if that was a smart idea or not! 

It will be another weekend of packing and we need to go and get our TV and surround sound, feels like we have been looking for ever for these and that's probably because we have. It's essential to get a new TV to watch our mighty rabbitohs play in the grand final....... Go the bunnies!!!!!!!

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