Sunday, 22 September 2013

Patiently waiting to move

Our tiler has been working away everyday since handover and doing a wonderful job, the tiles are beautiful.  He told us this morning he will be finished late tomorrow and then he should start on the alfresco and porch. The carpet is booked for Tuesday so the flooring is going to plan.

But then there is the concreter debacle.............  Our concreter isn't a very good communicator, we used his excavator man who is an absolute gem and a local, well thru him we found out the formwork would be done on Friday and the pour done this coming Thursday, so that fitted in with our plans sort of as we are moving on Wednesday, it would make moving things into the garage difficult but we would manage.  When we got to the house on Friday night, in the dark, we had a good look at the formwork and were basically happy with the size and shape of the drive except where it goes past the corner of the house and up the side to a 3m wide slab for my camper trailer.  My husband gave him a call to tell him on Saturday that it was a bit too skinny and he said they were pouring on Wednesday!!!! Arrrhhhh no way that would be disastrous, having them pouring concrete us trying to move in and the blinds man installing the blinds!  That's another story I thought it would be great for the blinds to be installed on moving in day yayyyyy I'm so clever, not!!! because they won't start till 10am and the removal isn't should get to that house to unload at 12 noon....  Anyway I'm sure it will all work out, I'm past stressing now, once we got those keys I have felt so much better.....

Today we went on a little shopping trip to break up the cleaning and packing.  Off we went to Bing Lee  we have never shopped there before but they had our TV for a great price, we met the salesman who my hubby had been talking to during the week, we picked out the TV, LG smart 3D TV, next was the dishwasher LG and then we were on a roll and I said to have a quick look at the fridges ha ha, next thing we bought a ? Guess what?? LG fridge!!!!!! Yes we are a family of LG!!!!! Cause Life is Good!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had 2 sleep overs in the house over the weekend and I feel like Alice in Wonderland, it's so big and everything is so high, and I'm sooooo short.  We have just been living in the main bedroom, bed, TV, 2 camping chairs and our camping fridge, it's like glamping ha ha. 3 more sleeps!!!!!  

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