Saturday, 7 September 2013

Busy busy

Another busy day today, firstly we went to the house at  7.30 am to meet a friend he is going to give us a quote for the decking and he's roped my husband in to be his offsider (lackey) to cut costs ha ha.  My husband was determined to do the decking himself and I'm determined to pay someone, I'm winning so far!!!!!

After a little housework and breakfast we took off to Penrith Harvey Norman, it's not our local but service is really good from past experience to have another go at buying a TV and surround sound.  I happened to remember last time we went we dropped into Beacon so I dragged him back there and they printed off the quote we got months ago and the girl went and got the fan we wanted and put it in the counter, ha ha I said to my hubby guess we are buying it today!!!! Turned out good we needed a push we need to stop putting things off.  We ended up with a Fanaway Fan, a stainless steel fan for under the alfresco and 30 LEDdown-lights, that should start us off.  We looked at spotlights for the 2 back lights but the nice ones are for wall mounting and our lights are eave mounted, I wish I had picked up on that when we did our electrical appointment.  Back to the TV, we had a great salesman who was awesome and knew his stuff, he spent an hour with us and explained all our options and worked within our budget, so I'm pretty sure it's all sorted now.

We spent the arvo packing and sorting the spare room, tomorrow will be our wardrobe and the bottom kitchen cupboards then we should be 80% packed with only the necessities out. 

Our bunnies lost last night they didn't play well, there's always next week :)

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