Monday, 30 September 2013

We finally moved!!!!

I'm way behind in my blog but this is the first time I have sat down for more than 5 minutes.  I will pick up from where I left off.

The tiling and carpet were finished last Tuesday and I'm really happy with the colour of the carpet, the installers were so quick they finished by 1pm.

Media room

Then it was moving day, DISASTER!!!!!

They removal truck turned up on time and out jumped a old bloke 85 yrs old in the shade and a younger guy.  They were nice enough but so rough.  Anyway off they started and we were going well for first 3 hrs and then another truck came and they were still loading the first one 5 hrs later.  My daughter and I utilised the time to clean the house.  They then started to load the smaller truck 6 hrs later so we kept cleaning, then finally both trucks left and it took them 1 and half hours to make it to our new house where my husband and son were waiting since 11am (it's a 20 min drive down the highway).  Once they got there they dumped and I mean dumped the stuff half inside and the rest in the backyard and not near the doors but up the back of the block. The little truck then had to return back for another load meanwhile we had finished cleaning and that took over an hour for him to find his way back because he had to pick up another bloke.  By that time I had lost it, my husband came back and helped them and I went to the new house.  By 7.30 they still hadn't returned back and it was because the newest guy hadn't eaten!!!!  By 830 they turned up and unloaded the truck into the garage and had the hide to ask for a cold beer, our bloody fridge was still in the back of the big truck!!! DISASTER OF A MOVE!!!!!

On a positive note the blinds were installed that day and they are beautiful, I love them.  

The next day my husband and son went to pick up the dining table and chairs, absolutely beautiful and huge!!

Late that afternoon we had the fridge, dishwasher and TV delivered

One happy hubby!!!!!  Gotta love LG!!!

Friday was a home day unpacking and the driveway got poured, I haven't taken a pic I will tomorrow and more excavating was done.

Saturday we went out to where else but Ikea!!!!!!  We had a ball. We ended up with 4 trolleys and 2 more trolleys from the pickup bay ha ha

Sunday the kids chilled out most of the day and then in the afternoon we started assembling the smaller things from Ikea.

And today we finished, all the lounges were put together and the house is 95% unpacked, just the kids stuff to go

Lounge in a box



So that's it, we are in and I walk around and can't believe it's our house.  Tomorrow will be an outside day and I'm looking forward to playing in the dirt ha ha.. 

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  1. Wow, its really coming along now. The dining table looks great. Ours should arrive in a few weeks.