Monday, 25 March 2013

Electrical Appointment

We had our Electrical Appointment yesterday afternoon at Norwest, I was all ready with my plan and where we wanted the lights and powerpoints positioned.  The meeting was pretty easy step by step, there were a couple of things we didn't even think about and we ended up getting the TV wall mount package x 3, this should save a lot of hassle when we move in, apparently the recessed walls are hard to mount the TV on and you need extra nogons in the wall (something like that) they also recess the powerpoint behind the TV so there will be no cords showing, we think its going to be worth the $$$$....... 

The best news of all is I am getting my ducted vacuum, it wasn't too bad compared to getting a fancy vacuum (which I really didn't want).  I didn't get the kickboard option as I have it now and don't use it very often and its a pain if anything gets stuck in there... 

We opted to get downlights after completion by an electrician, they have assured us it will be cheaper, fingers crossed.

The extras we got were:
  • Powerpoints (but not as many as I thought I would need)
  • Slimline powerpoints (in the kitchen and ensuite)
  • 3 TV wall mount packages
  • Ducted vacuming
  • Pre wire for fan in alfresco
  • Circuit thingy for the exhaust fans in the bathrooms
mmm maybe a couple of other things but I dont remember (and it was only yesterday) :).

Its a relief the planning is all over, now to wait for our start date.  I think we are on Day 5 out of 20, its going to be a long wait..............


  1. Love the Monaco, we are also building at Bingara Gorge but we chose the Milano, which is very similar! You look like you have done a great job with the colours!

    1. Hi Ian - same story - can I contact you re: question about Bingara?

  2. Great stuff! Well done for getting this far. Wanted to touch base with you more generally re: Bingara Gorge (we are thinking of buying there). Can you email me: so I can ask some questions? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Ian & JJ. What stage are you up too Ian???

    It seems if I reply to your message it types white on white.