Tuesday, 17 September 2013

2 more sleeps!!!!

Today the bank did their inspection which was a huge relief, we put in our final payment last Thursday after PCI, I felt a huge flood of relief that everything was going to plan until 4pm I get a call from the bank to say our insurance paperwork had the wrong date on it!!!!!  Aarrrhhhh panic stations, so I called the insurance company who said they couldn't change it they would have to cancel the policy with a full refund (7-10 days mind you) and she couldn't do the new one over the phone because it would cost more so I have to go online and start from scratch!!  By this time I'm an absolute mess because now my husband has to drive to Gosford to pick up the cheque for final payment because the direct bank transfer can take up to 48hrs.  nothing can go wrong on handover day that would be the end of my nerves ha ha.  So it's all done, my husband redid the policy tonight he will send it tomorrow, go and pick up the cheque and we will be all relaxed for Thursday!!!!!!!

We had our floor tiles delivered this afternoon 3 pallets of tiles and glue, we were going to pick them up but so glad we didn't it would of been a disaster.  

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