Thursday, 19 September 2013


We now come from Wollondilly Shire!!! 

The day finally arrived, we got our keys!!!!  The house is ours and now it's our home!! 

So much happened today, it was absolutely hectic but the best day!

Firstly we did our final inspection to check the things had been fixed from PCI, then we did paperwork, handed over the cheque, got the air conditioning working, priorities!  Oh and we got a gift

The water heater was being installed when we got there, but once they turned it on water was spurting from the solar panels on the roof as we have gas boosted hot water, so no hot water until tomorrow which is no big deal, that's why our supervisor hands over before a Friday so things can be fixed..  Next the electricians came and fitted the oven and range hood, ohhhh so nice.

Next the tiler was there waiting for handover to finish and then he was straight into it, he tiled all day and should finish the inside by Tuesday.

Our excavator man and his son came with his digger thingy and bobcat and off he went digging out the tree and replanting it, so quick and easy

Then they dug out the driveway and continued around the house levelling it all off, it looks brilliant and only one broken pipe ha ha!!!  They still need to come back and finish off the yard but I'm over the moon with what they have done today. 

 Next person to arrive was Telstra, don't faint everyone but they were only booked on Monday and we were able to get them today, yes miracles do happen, lucky as we are in a Telstra Smart Community and nothing and I mean nothing works without the hooking all the cables up hanging outside our house, including the TV.  

Finally the last person to arrive at 5pm was the delivery guy with the new spare room bed that my husband is now sleeping on till we all move in next week, he is being a bachelor for a week, he has a bed, a kettle and toaster and our camping fridge with the necessities (beer) he's in his element!!!! Oh and my TV.........

Once we set up the bed and mounted the TV to the wall it was time for our first dinner in our house.  Pizza and champagne standing around the kitchen bench, happy days!!!

What a huge day, we left my hubby there and we are back to the little house full of boxes and cleaning, arrrhhhh can't wait till its over.........

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  1. Fantastic Bec, so happy for you. Glad to hear that all went well you must be exhausted you poor thing. Now just enjoy.