Monday, 25 November 2013

Slowly but surely

Every weekend is spent outside trying to get the yard looking good.  Whoever wanted a 1/2 acre block I will never know ha ha..  We laid the turf, well 2/3 of what we need which took all day 350sqm 4 weeks ago and we watered it for two weeks twice a day which took forever, we had soaker hoses to start with 35m long, they work well but are a total pain in the bum to get them sitting up the right way, then my mum gave me a wobbler sprinkler and its wonderful, so powerful and saturated a huge area so saved us a lot of time.  Now after the wonderful rain we have had the turf looks great, even up the back where we have left the original grass/weeds is green.  

Standing on the alfresco looking out
From the back corner and the mulberry tree
From the back corner looking to the front
Looking from side fence, still more turf to get

We have been planting a lot of trees, when we purchased the block about 20 saplings were planted a long the side fence in 3 rows. I have removed 1 entire row as it was just ridiculous, too many gum trees and once they grew would be too many for our block. I have been replacing the other 2 rows with deciduous trees and fruit trees.. Up in the back corner I have planted 2 apple trees, a lemon tree and what I thought was a cherry tree that I transplanted from my mums house but there is one round thing growing and its way to big to be a cherry so it will be a surprise ha ha.  We planted a Golden Elm on the front corner of our block, once it gets bigger it should give us a bit of shade to the western side of the house and hopefully be a bit of protection if anyone misses the corner, fingers crossed that never happens. I'm really enjoying the planting of trees and spending a whole day outside fiddling about.

The Cherry Tree that isn't!!! 

One of the Apple Trees

Lemon Tree

Golden Elm 

My mum brought me this tree it has pink pom pom flowers

Our fence - I love it

I look forward to when we finish the turf and I have a huge garden on the side of the driveway to be completed, I had the dirt delivered weeks ago but just haven't had a chance to level it all out, it's 6 cubic meters for one garden!!!!!  I need some boy muscles to help me, we are going to give it a go of an afternoon after work I want it finished before my daughters 18th in 2 weeks time, fingers crossed.


  1. We've been doing the same with our grass, twice a day, every day for the last few weeks. Its starting to look really good. The recent downpour has been a godsend. We just recieved our water bill and wasn't surprised by how much it

  2. Hi, your house is lovely! We are building the Milano two in Wilton old town area and I would like to say thank you for your blog, it helps when you hav no idea about building. I also hav a question you may be able to help with. I loved the tiles in the Gregory display thats now closed, the tiles are discontinued. I'm liking your tiles, are you able to tell me what tiles n supplier you used? Thanks Amanda

  3. HiAmanda
    Sorry I can't reply directly to your comment its white on white.
    We got them at the tile place at Smithfield TFO I think they were called something like sandstone. I think I saw your house on the way to the servo, good luck.