Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 20/20 + Day 1 of the build

At last we have progress. Thanks MJH for making an anxious person a total fruit-loop and starting on day 20 of 20 ha ha!!!

Our site supervisor contacted us today to say the Cut and Fill would be today and it was !!!! As soon as we finished work today we all met at the block had a look and took a heap of pics, I don't think anything could of wiped the smile off my face. We had the perfect cut and fill with no left over soil at all, so there is no mound to get rid of later. Apparently tomorrow the draining is scheduled and next Tuesday the get ready for the piers, but today I'm just happy that's it finally started. Oh and we thought our block was really level but as you can see they dug a fair way in the back corner, our landscaping may change a bit now, but I'm definitely not having a retaining wall.

Here are some pics!

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