Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lights, TV and Surround Sound

Another day out looking at things for the house.

First stop was Beacon Lighting! As soon as we walked in I saw some track lights which I really liked for the kids lounge room. I left my husband at the downlights for him to work out what we need and I went straight to the chandeliers and I found a beautiful crystal chandelier for our bedroom it only costs $1400 and weighs a tonne ha ha but I'm getting it..

I found a really great light called a Lab Pendant Light with a Karbon globe, they are so cool, we thought we might put them above the bench as a feature as they don't give off much light especially with the Karbon Globe.. We really liked the Fanaway Fans, they look like a big pendant light until you turn on the fan and clear blades come out, I want one in the media room. I'm a bit worried about that room with air flow with those skinny long windows so I think we should have a fan in there. The light from it should be enough because we always watch TV in the dark anyway.

Next stop Harvey Norman Electrical Section!!!! TV and Surround Sound. The sales guy was great and explained everything so we ended up picking a LG 3D Smart TV and a Yamaha Surround Sound System , although when he showed me the speakers for the back wall I had a moment and said no way were they going on the wall so he is swapping them for ceiling speakers, what a relief! So that's the Media Room sorted except for the built in shelving we need to organise.

That was it then we had to race home to watch Souths beat the Warriors!

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