Sunday, 14 April 2013

Still waiting :)

There was a little bit of progress last week in the fabulous "20 Day" Period. Last Tuesday the colour consultant called to check on a couple of things we had chosen at our colours appointment before the orders were put through. We asked for the towel rails in the bathrooms not to be installed as we are getting a heated towel rail in the ensuite and we still haven't decided what we are doing in the main bathroom. on our beautiful media room doors we had opted just to have the recessed handles but she said we could just leave it plain and put handles on later, so we opted for that.

2 days later our CLO called to send through a Variation as discussed with the colour consultant but it had they were changing the cooktop as the one we had chosen was discontinued (out of The Impressions Package) also they were moving the gas boosted solar panels to the other side of the house (where I'm pretty sure we asked them to put them but were told no) anyway no big issues really, we just have to look at it as progress and there is obviously a lot more behind the scenes than you imagine!

So now the countdown is on as we have only "3" days - Wednesday - and our 20 days are up!!!! We went to have a look at the block again and hopefully that will be last time I see it like that.

On another note "Retail Therapy" I seem to have a obsession with buying tea towels, they are packed away in different boxes and I'm pretty sure when we move I will end up with about 20-30 brand new tea towels ha ha. Oh yeh and they are in all sorts of colours because I just can't pick a accessory colour for the kitchen. The other obsession is glass jars for the pantry, I brought a heap of big ones from ikea and spice jars and now I have brought more off the Internet, Spotlight and House........ Oh we'll my pantry will look lovely :)

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