Sunday, 28 April 2013

Formwork is finished off

My husband and I went out for breakfast this morning without the kiddies and decided to pop into see the block this morning and were surprised to see the foam pods and rio were installed and the Formwork was all finished. That could only mean that the slab is being poured in the next couple of days yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

On another note our portaloo was tipped on its side (behind the fence) and the neighbours signs for their blocks were smashed up and just about every tree in our street has been snapped in half. A couple of the neighbours came to tell us there were a bunch of kids running a muck at about 10pm. They had called security (Bingara has patrolled security) but obviously he was on the other side of the estate and it was just a bit of bad luck he didn't catch the little buggers :(

More pics below :-)

Front side of house with corner facade slab
Back of house from the construction fence

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