Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lock up!!!!!

All locked up!!!  The external doors are on and the front door, the big arse door with the lock I'm not coordinated to use is in.    All the internal doors and wardrobe doors are in including the $$$$ media room doors, I had to look through the back door to see them but they look pretty good.  They seem to only have the architraves to go.   

I went to get carpet samples yesterday, I knew what type of carpet because we only redid our house 2 years ago and it is brilliant, there is not a mark on it and when you vacuum it comes up like new, I just wanted a different shade.  I toyed with the idea of charcoal but its just to dark and cold for me, the lady helped me to pick so here is what I choose;

 I have laid the samples on top of the carpet we got 2 years ago, we all chose the carpet on the left except the kitten he kept on sitting on the darker one ha ha. Feel free to give your thoughts. 

While I was there I found a bed, king size that I quite like although it may be a little over the top!!

And of course I have to have the blanket box and the chaise lounge

I just need to measure and see if it will fit under the bedroom window 

We need to go and order our tiles next, apparently the price of flooring is going up so I want to get them before that happens.

Next week should be the kitchen getting installed, yayyyy!!! 

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