Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kitchen = excitement plus

The kitchen is in!!!!!!!  The kitchen was delivered on Monday and installed on Tuesday and Wednesday, they also put in the 2m laundry cupboard and the 3 vanities.

We went to the house on Tuesday arvo and peeked through the windows and the ensuite vanity was in the main bedroom and its so long, we won't know ourselves with all the storage.  The laundry cupboard was installed and my first impression was yuck!!!!  I didn't like the colours i picked one bit, I was beside myself all night :(. The kitchen was only half done by then.

I sent our SS a txt to ask if we could meet him at 7.30am to have a look on Thursday morning, which we did.  The kitchen was finished (without the bench-tops and splash back) and looks great, thank god we copied off the display home and I didn't pick it haha. I had a good look at the laundry and it wasn't too bad in the end, I wish I had just got white cupboards.  Our vanities are the same colour as the laundry cupboards but with a different top (thank god)!

Kitchen upgrades & colours:

Cupboards - Polytec Createc Cafe Cream

2 banks of drawers with soft closer either side of oven

Benchtop - Essastone Macchiato 40mm

Glass splash back - Half Oilskin

Pantry - 2 Lin1 doors

Handles - they are the same size I was just to lazy to bend down level with the drawers

The laundry cupboard

Doors - malt
Bench-top Expresso Fabrini

The skirting isn't finished yet as they are waiting for a couple of the Lin1 Doors, pantry and powder room, then they should come and finish it all off.  Our garage door isn't on because when they came to do it the poor things got confused because one side of the garage is gyprocked (remember the workshop debacle) and they didn't know how to make it level so now they need to come back, problem solving is obviously not one of their strong points.  But these things aren't holding us up, the can all be there at the same time if need be.

The tilers are booked for Monday and our Ss said they should call me to go meet them and check the colour of the tiles and grout.  

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