Sunday, 7 July 2013

1st big furniture purchase for our house

I finally decided on a dinning table and chairs. I have been looking since we decided to build, I ended up narrowing it down to 2 tables. One we saw at Berry Antiques store at Christmas time, we went back there a few weeks ago to have a look but it was sold, he said he could get us one but had to contact the supplier in Sydney.. The other was from Canalside in Alexandria, we went there last weekend and that's the one I choose, i love it so much.  It's 2.6m long and we picked 8 chairs, 6 cross back and 2 linen chairs (they cost as much as the 6 chairs ha ha).   The order should arrive by October so that works in well with us because we are hoping to be in around then, please MJH :)

The pic doesn't do it justice, the top is parquetry.

6 x Cross Back Chairs in the dark wood

2 x linen chairs, they are so comfortable but your not allowed to sit on them haha!!!
We still need to get a new lounge suite and coffee table for the family room, a lounge and slimline entertainment unit for the kids area, and some shelving for the media room. Oh and tiles and carpet, but that's later he he!!

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