Saturday, 1 June 2013

More photos of our roof!!!

We were there about 11.30am and it was very overcast. I'm wondering when the sun will go through the back doors

This was taken from further along the street, the roof looked a totally different colour today, it looked a lot lighter. 


  1. Your roof colour looks amazing in real life!! That's the one part of our design that we are still unsure of.. What colour is your roof, if you don't mind me asking??

    1. Hi Cameron, thanks its woodland grey and so are the windows and gutters. Bec

  2. I don't think you can see my reply, it's woodland grey and so are the gutters and windows.

  3. Thanks that's what I thought.. We are tossing up between that or monument.. But I think monument will be to dark.. When you see woodland grey in a sample if looks as if it's got a green tinge to it but on a grand scale you can't really notice it.

  4. I love your house we are building Monaco as well!