Friday, 31 May 2013


After 4 days of staying away from the house which took a lot of will power we got the txt msg to say "The Brickwork on your new home has commenced" so off I went to have a look of course. 

I LOVE MY BRICKS!!!!!!  Even though there is only half a wall done. They really look good with the window colour. 

The roof was finished on Tuesday and the barriers have been taken down.  The whirlybird was working today. We got to have another sneak peak inside, I love the house.

Front bedrooms

Side roof + whirlybird

Inside looking up into roof


  1. Drove past your house today and your bricks are lovely. What type of bricks are they? They look a similar colour to ours. Ours are Boral smooth face escura bricks in choc tan colour.

  2. Thanks we are really happy with them. They are Gertrudis Brown from Austral Bricks, I think the Bowral Range.