Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Electrical rough in walk thru

This morning at 7.30am cold and raining we met with our SS to check the electrical's were put in the right spots. 

First problem was the ducted vaccum, guess where they put the motor? Yep you guessed it, in the bloody workshop!!!!!!!!!!  I just can't believe it, this workshop has a magnet on it. They also put one of the points in the main entry so I have asked them to be moved as there is nothing in the main entry except a light switch.  Anyway that was the only problem in the whole house so that's pretty good I think.

One piece of advice is when you do your electrical appointment make sure everything and I mean everything is placed in the right position on the plan, don't believe them when they say " we will just put it here and you can move it later if its not in the right position" or " we will just place it in the middle of the room and the contractors will contact you first" cause they don't.  This is what has happened with the DV we only had the motor placed in the garage (on the plan it was in the middle of the room) and none of the outlets where on the plan so they just put them where they thought was best. 

The insulation is due tomorrow and the gyprock is due to be delivered but it needs to stop pouring with rain first so they can deliver it. Our SS assured us we will be at lockup in 2 weeks, that's great news. 

Our bricks weren't cleaned due to the crap weather, the brick cleaner came while we were there and said he will be back on Thursday and because the bricks are dry pressed or something it will take a day and half to do.  That's ok really it's not holding us up. 

The air conditioning people contacted us today for us to do a rough guide of where we are putting lights & downlights so they know where to put the outlets for the air. We are getting 4 zones with 10 outlets, we have 9 chosen we just need to work out where we put the 10th one. I will do the plan tomorrow and send it to them 

The land developer puts in the alarm in our house, but we haven't heard a whisper since we met with him a few weeks ago, I told our SS he isn't to delay our progress he will just have to do it after the gyprock if need be, that will be his dilemma not ours. We also asked for a quote on an intercom and other things but haven't received that either, funny how people run a business isn't it, no service and no communication!! 
So that's it, no pics as there was only wet clay and puddles, but we are happy how everything is progressing. 

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