Tuesday, 4 June 2013

It makes you wonder..........

I thought I would just put a few things on here that have happened so far that are really confusing us.

First thing is "The Workshop". Now this room is attached to the double garage and cost approx $7500 this paid for the extension of the front and back wall by 3m, 2 windows, 1 door and 3m of extra roof, so everything looks fine until they put up the frame and there is no frame for the front of the workshop.  we are informed its going to be a double brick wall so from inside there will be brick with the windows sitting in them, mmmm weird. When we looked closely to our plans, and they have to be printed in colour mind you, the outer colour of the house is dark blue, the inner line (gyprock) is light blue, on our plan that little line depicting 3m of garage inside is dark blue and guess what we never noticed, and why the hell would they draw it like that? The impressions package states the garage will be fully lined so why would we want one wall with bricks?  We spoke to our CLO who said they will glue gyprock on for $250 but we aren't going ahed with that as we are not paying out anymore money. 

Next issue is our new SS who is very helpful but is confusing us no end. He has told us that wall will not be weather proof, what the?  I don't see how as its a brick wall, actually 2 brick walls thick, next he said we shouldn't have the timber surrounds on the windows and he will put some bracket in if we want, we opted to keep the surrounds and then he said the windows will twist!  We are so confused, isn't that why we have paid lots of $$$$$$$ for MJH to build us a home that doesn't leak and windows don't twist?  And all this is in the workshop, there has been no mention of the remainder of the house, if double brick wall leaks so wouldn't a brick wall and gyprock?  OMG confusion all round. 

One more thing our brick layer doesn't like getting his boots dirty, he didn't work yesterday cause of a bit of mud, wow I didn't think that would matter to a person who works outdoors for a living!  

Yep I'm on a roll, watch out!!!!  But I will be over it by the next time I go out to the house and see it cause I really can't wait to move in. So Mr Bricklayer harden up and get the job done!!!! 

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  1. We had brick layers that were allergic to wet boots as well and had many no shows even when the weather was good. That is one trade over our whole build that has annoyed us. With the bricks in the garage, bricks are a porous substance, so they may get a little damp in extreme conditions, however, if you are worried, I would just paint the inside of the garage. Our garage does not have gyprock and I actually prefer it as the gyprock in our old garage was always filthy.