Monday, 17 June 2013

Great start to the week!

My daughter drove me to the house this afternoon, she is on her "L's" and she didn't get to come on the weekend.

We were surprised with workmen still working at 4pm!  They were putting up the eaves and we got the wooden poles out the front and for the side facade (wooden poles is the technical term).  The plumbers were there as well and had just finished off putting up the gas boosted solar panels, they are huge, most houses have 2 but we have 3 as they aren't in the ideal spot, we are going to surround them with solar panels for electricity then the roof will look awesome, well to us it will.  

And the bricks are finished yayyyyyy, all they need to do is clean them now.  So for a Monday I think we have done very well. Good on you SS, keep up the good work, we are very happy - so far! We will go on Saturday on our way to Berry, we are going to look at a dining table which could turn into a very or berry expensive day :). 

Corner facade - looking good although I wish the little slab was a bit bigger 

The front pole 

Gas boosted solar panels- not the best shot 

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