Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pantry = Amazing

I forgot to put this in earlier but I finally found the time to organise the pantry, I absolutely love it.  I think they call it a step in pantry, anyway it's huge I can't reach the top 2 shelves so I have a step ladder for that 

And it continues to the right behind the wall. 

This is our junk drawer after I tidied it up today, wonder how long it will look like that. 

Oh and our brand new bar stools.  I was given the heads up by someone else building in our estate about HN having 70% off bar stools so we went straight away. We bought 2 wooden stools but they didn't look right and the boys couldn't get their legs under the bench so we went back and got 4 of these, turns out they are the same as what was in the display home, now everyone is happy, thanks B&K :). 

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