Friday, 4 October 2013

Kitchen pictures

I love love my kitchen

We still need barstools but haven't found any we all like.

See my lovely porcelain tiles, cleaned!!!! Took me ages to vaccum and mop the whole house and the water marks stay on the tiles arrrhhhh..  I went a brought a steam mop this afternoon, one that does not leave water behind, I will test it out tomorrow..  

Tomorrow I start on the garden, can't wait!!!!  This is what I've been looking forward to, and why we got 1/2 acre so I can have my veggie gardens and fruit trees. 


  1. Your kitchen is stunning. It has come together so well and looks like a showroom.

    We couldn't find any barstools we liked either, until we walked into Harvey Norman this weekend and all their barstools were 70% off. We ended up buying some red ones for a splash of colour which ended up costing us $30 each instead of $100. Maybe have a look there

  2. Is is possible to share your tiles
    Very impressive…