Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back at work

We are back at work and I'm struggling I just want to be home to do my house stuff.

I put my first garden in between the front path and driveway it's not the best garden as its too skinny but its going ok.  I mowed all the grass and planted some of my trees I brought with me like my bay leaf tree and a crab apple I brought.  We went to a wholesale nursery and we had a ball. We brought a Lemon Tree, Mulberry Tree, 2 Apple Trees a Granny Smith and Pink Lady, Crab Apple, Jacaranda and a Golden Elm. It was so much fun but of course we didn't have the trailer so we had to do 40 min round trip to get it..  It ended up being too windy to plant any of them so they are still under the alfresco waiting for a good day.

We were tossing up between a deck out the back or concrete, I was so over the dirt and not being able to open the back stacker doors so the concrete won being a third of the price. It looks brilliant same colour as our driveway and done by the same concreter, Fords Concreting. 

Last weekend we got  32 tonnes of top soil delivered, so much fun watching the huge truck drive up and around our block, I really should of been a boy. 

So out came the shovels, wheelbarrows and rakes and off we went. We started on the little mound first about 10 ton..

We did that in a day and my god were we exhausted!!!!!! Bags not doing the big mound, I'm begging the excavator to come back ha ha. 

As you can see the smoke in those pictures, our little town was under high alert yesterday, scared the hell out of us, thank god for the RFS, NSW Fire Brigade, SES, Police they poured into Wilton yesterday through our estate it was very reassuring I tell you..  The better thing was watching them leave when the threat of fires was scaled down.  We will see what tomorrow brings, I will be thinking of all the people in the Blue Mountains tomorrow.

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