Monday, 13 May 2013

Windows delivered but still no roof frame

We are really trying to have no expectations with the build but there is still no roof frame up, it's being sitting there for a week now. We are pretty certain they have been doing other things but I can't wait to see what the roof looks like and how high it will be, so really that's the only reason I'm whinging. The windows were there this afternoon and they are woodland grey, i really like the colour. There was quite a difference with the size of the bedroom sliding door and the stacker doors out the back, my husband wasn't sure if we did the right thing (and he meant me) when we choose to keep the bedroom stacker the normal size, I just wanted to keep our bedroom a bit more private, anyway what's done is done!

I'm hoping the roof frame will be up tomorrow, I might have to go for another drive, even though I said I wasn't going to do that and only go once a week, but I just want to see the roof haha!!!

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  1. Are you done with this project? I assumed you’ve already move in here as it appears to be complete based on your last post. I love your choice of bricks and roof; they complement the greenery. Missie @ DeShazo Roofing