Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Our Building Contract was sent out and we made an appointment with our CLO for the next week for signing. The contract is pretty straight forward with no real surprises, I think we only had one question. The appointment took about 1 hour they go through the contract with you and stress that the final plans are what they go off not what is written in the colour selection or your consolidated tender. I had a bit of a panic then and double checked we weren't getting the bagged front as we paid extra for the upgraded bricks for the whole house. The CLO was very good and listened and explained anything you asked. We signed off on every page of the contract and then we got a list of things we need to do before it can be submitted to the Certifier like a BAL Certificate, which we need to get off Wollondilly Council for Bush Fire rating, a letter from the bank stating they are giving us the money and a landscape plan (which is required by our developer) and of course I haven't done it yet!

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